What Makes RTIP Students So Successful?

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The RTIP Legacy

Race Track Industry Program students are united by passion. For the horse, for racing, for making their own mark. This passion and drive connects them long after the degree has been earned and careers have been launched.

My RTIP Story: Keith Doleshel

"But when you're in a program like the RTIP, you're with people who share the same interests as you and that is rare to have in such a small population. To be around 20 or 30 people who also can't wait to watch the races on the weekend — that's just fun.”


My RTIP Story: CARMA's Lucinda Lovitt

“I was actually introduced to racing through my connections in riding because I rode at the same barn of Wendy Davis, the former director of the Race Track Industry Program. I didn't know what to do for my major and it was at a horse show that Wendy said, 'You should take my intro to racing class that I teach.'


RTIP Speaker Series: Aiden Butler

Aiden Butler

During the Speaker Series, Butler discussed the wide-ranging responsibility of track management from day-to-day operations to horse safety, policy making, and horsemen relations. He also emphasized to the students the importance of providing the equine athlete with a safe and consistent race track.